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Escuela Nuad Thai offers theory and practical training in the external therapies of Traditional Thai and Lanna (pre-Thai) Medicines in a traditional format.

Traditional Thai Medicine is considered a Buddhist medicine, because it is based on the Buddha's teachings. For this reason we study theoretical concepts that we find in the Buddhadhamma.


Training lasts 2.5 years today, organized in two stages:

Beginners Course

Students begin their studies here, accessing the theoretical-practical bases on which all the topics they will study throughout the training will be based. Includes Blind Style Thai massage.

The beginning of the training is designed as a course in itself, so that if a student decides not to continue studying the entire training, they will already have enough knowledge to be able to give a massage.

Duration: 4 months.

Full Program

The students have already had the experience of the Initial Course, and continue their studies accessing all the theoretical and practical contents offered by Escuela Nuad Thai, which we list below.

Duration: 2 years.


At the end of the Training, Escuela Nuad Thai remains open to its students, offering a postgraduate group in which they can broaden their knowledge and experiences, in which specific advanced content is offered, and in which they continue to learn and develop.

The training program is a study process that will guide the student to learn to treat himself and others with a broad knowledge of the roots of external therapies of traditional Thai-Lanna medicine.


Program topics:

- Tilakkhana

- About Tradition

- Theory of elements

- Diagnosis of five limbs

- Traditional anatomy 1, 2, 3 and 4

- Joints release

- Work with oil

- Reusi Dat Ton postures

- Preparation of hot balm

- Four Noble Truths and Noble Eightfold Path

- Abdominal massage

- Lanna stretches

- Preparation of Yaa Dhom

- Four Brahmavihāras

- Compresses

- Cupping

- Khoot

Advanced specific techniques:

- Initiation in Tok Sen.

- Chet Gai.

- Etc.

Study Program PDF download

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