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Reusi Dat Ton



Reusi Dat Ton is a Thai system that includes postures, meditation, Buddhist chants, visualizations, breathing exercises, and self-massage.

It was developed within the Reusi Tradition, from ascetics who used to live in nature in the area where Thailand is today, and who needed to keep their bodies healthy in order to practice meditation, staying in one position for a long time.

Reusi Dat Ton is the basis of traditional Thai massage. Thanks to this practice, which is still alive today, as well as the Reusi tradition, we can balance our body favoring our health by influencing the wind element.

Escuela Nuad Thai promotes and preserves this ancient Tradition thanks to its constant practice.

Practicing Reusi Dat Ton, gives us the opportunity to explore and understand the anatomy of our body and its elements such as channels and winds according to Thai tradition, gradually understanding how to affect them. These exercises, used over time, seek to benefit body and mind integrally, promoting overall health while recognizing their interrelationship.


The theory of the elements of Traditional Thai Medicine offers us a guide in this practice, providing a map, on which we base the practice. Being in contact with the environment, coordinating the daily routine with nature, recognizing the cycles of the day and the seasons is the way to understand through observation the internal and external phenomena. 


The Reusi tradition is a non-intellectual practical tradition, each teaching is a practice and is based on Buddhadhamma. 



Aspects of the Practice:

Healthy habits: care of the body in general.

Movements of liberation of the joints,

Breathing exercises, 

Stretching postures, tractions, movements, maneuvers. 



Dhama: how to cultivate mental states. Brahma-viharas.


Weekly Classes: Monday 8pm to 9.30pm - Wednesday 7pm to 8.30pm.


Facilitated by: Alejandra Losada

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