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The School

Escuela Nuad Thai, located in Buenos Aires, has as its goal the preservation and dissemination of knowledge linked to the Thai and Lanna (northern Thailand) Tradition, as it has been transmitted for centuries through a still-living Lineage, to which it belongs the director, who is linked to traditional and rusii doctors with whom he continues his studies both in Argentina and Thailand since 2008.


The main element of study and practice of the school is massage and external therapies of traditional Thai medicine, today following a 2,5 years study program during which the contents are studied both theoretically and practically. Also, students can access study programs adapted to their needs, taking individual classes.


After finishing the study program, students who wish can continue visiting the school to continue their learning beyond it, consulting specific cases, expanding their studies and maintaining a traditional student-teacher relationship.


It is linked to Red Nuad International, a network of professionals and schools that share the same knowledge thanks to direct training with teachers in Argentina and Thailand if they wish. The Red Nuad International follows its students in the learning process of Traditional Thai Massage and External Therapies, also outside of Buenos Aires and Argentina.

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