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Enrique Dianti

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Enrique Dianti, the director of Escuela Nuad Thai, felt attracted to the "mysteries" of the East from an early age. This led him to study oriental medicines since adolescence, martial arts, traditional cultures, everything that was oriental within these contexts, caught his attention.


Thus, after studying traditional Chinese medicine, qi gong, shiatsu, etc., he discovers the Old Medicine Hospital Thai massage style, and fell totally in love with these techniques and maneuvers. For this reason, after studying in two schools in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and having begun to transmit the style in what was then called Escuela de Thai, he decided in 2007 to travel to Thailand to verify if what he was teaching was what was transmitted in the place of origin of the tradition, and in search of more knowledge and teachers.


So great was his fortune that on that trip, in addition to studying at the Old Medicine Hospital, Loi Kroh Massage School, Nerve Touch, the Style for the Blind with Mr. Nat, with Pichet Boonthume and at the Chiang Mai headquarters of the Wat Po massages, he learned of the existence of a foreigner who was studying Traditional Thai Medicine, with whom he managed to get in touch and who over the years became his main Teacher.


Upon returning from this trip, his understanding of him changed so much that he decided directly to change the name of his school to the current one, to mark a new beginning.


Since 2008 Enrique has been a student of said professor, ascetic and traditional Thai doctor, and to date he has invited him eleven times to Argentina, he has traveled seven times to Thailand to continue studying with Him, and his teachers.


In 2013 he was fortunate to meet Ajahn Vichit, also a traditional Thai doctor, whose student he also became and with whom he continued to study every time he traveled to Thailand.


In 2016 he is invited to join the Traditional Lanna Doctors Society, which he considers a great honor and deeply respects.

He is also the director of Red Nuad Internacional, which brings together Spanish-speaking students and teachers who are trained by studying with him at his school and with teachers of this Lineage.


It should be noted that the knowledge that we are acquiring and transmitting at Escuela Nuad Thai comes from the Thai and Lanna (pre-Thai) Traditions, mainly from northern Thailand, and transmitted in a traditional format.


Enrique teaches in Argentina, at his school located in Buenos Aires. He has taught courses in Spain, Italy and in the interior of Argentina.


Enrique's gratitude to his teachers and to all those who have been part of the Lineage to which he belongs is constant, allowing traditional knowledge to remain alive today, and accessible to whoever wishes to reach it.


"I take advantage of this space to clarify that any error that I could make in the transmission of knowledge is due solely to my fault, and never to a mistake by my teachers, from whom I never stop learning."


Alejandra Losada

In her quest to learn more about Thai Massage she arrived in 2014 at Escuela Nuad Thai, where she began her studies. Quickly at the beginning of 2015 she had the opportunity, thanks to the generosity of Enrique, her teacher and director of this school, to travel for the first time to Thailand, where he introduced her to different teachers, doctors of the Thai tradition, with whom she began to study.

There she received for the first time direct instructions from her teacher of the Rusii Dat Ton Practice. By that time Alejandra had already been practicing with instructions from another colleague for some months, in those few months of practice she was surprised by the results of it, with a long experience in different activities of body exploration, she found in this activity something particular.

In that trip two interests in the same tradition came together. Buddhadhamma and physical practice. 


During 2014 and 2016 she completed her studies in Massage, assisting each time Enrique in classes, both in Buenos Aires and in the interior of the country.

Alejandra continued studying in her visits to Thailand in 2017 and 2018, where she sustained visits to her teacher, in turn he was invited to Bs As. annually, generously sharing his knowledge of these Traditions.


Since 2019 he accompanies his main teacher Enrique Dianti, at Nuad Thai School in the Training in Massage and external techniques of Traditional Thai Medicine. Where she also guides the practices of Rusii Dat Ton.


In the Rusii Dat Ton classes Alejandra focuses on offering tools to create greater awareness of the body and mind, focusing attention on the internal movement that the breath, through the postures and the attention itself, manages to direct to different areas of the body.

She accompanies each person in developing strength, mobility or space that is needed, while new movement patterns are acquired. 


Sometimes people ask how to deepen the postures, I would like to take this opportunity to share a few words from one of my Teachers.

"You just have to practice. Keep doing them, it's straightforward, you have to practice the postures, stay rooted and yet open to change, always be on the middle path, stay between extremes. We should never forget that we have to follow the Brahmaviharas. We don't have to become stern, rude or harsh."


"I feel very fortunate to have had direct access to these Traditions, and to be able to hold a small part of them in what my understanding allows me to access in this time of practice and study, I hope with as few mistakes as possible to be able to offer a safe space."


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